Coaching for Blended Families


 Blending families happily after divorce can be a challenging endeavor. Many families begin their journeys with high hopes and dear dreams, only to find themselves feeling in over their heads. But where do they turn? Who knows the usual pitfalls and problems associated with blended families? Who knows how to fix things or how to make things better? A professional who has education and experience that is specific to divorced and blended families is the place to turn. Work with these families is not like work with traditional nuclear families. The typical concerns in any family are multiplied and more complicated when it is blended after divorce.

    Blended family coaching can be helpful at any stage, too -- before blending, right after blending, or years down the road when new matters come up as kids get older.  If any of the following topics are a current concern for your blended family, coaching will help you to be happier and less stressed.


Blended Family Coaching Can Help With Many Issues


When to introduce a dating relationship to kids

When to tell kids (and exes) that we want to remarry

When to include kids in decisions, when not to

House rules, privileges and consequences

Who makes the final parenting decisions for which kids

Different rules from house to house

Household chores when kids alternate places

What to do when it is not what you expected

Attending kids' activities

New babies

What about grandparents?

Half, Step, "real" -- what do we call each other

Couple time competes with time for kids

What the children's other parents say to them about our blended family

What is 'normal sibling behavior' in a blended family

Is it supposed to be difficult? How long is it this difficult? Are we doing it wrong?


Cell phones, cars, dating, and graduations