Personal Life Coaching Services 
With Melissa A Adams, MSW

How Much Does Coaching Cost?

    The price for coaching is very comparable to the price for private counseling services. But with coaching, you pay for your time in advance, so you can use it in increments that work for you. You can get 30 minute sessions, 45 or 60 minute sessions. You can also use your coaching time over the phone or through internet chat, which makes it easy to fit into your busy schedule, and allows you to get coaching without any travel time or expense.

    Coaching can be paid for with your credit card, or with check or cash payments. 
    If paid at the hourly rate, coaching is $125 per hour.  Packages paid in advance make it less expensive. 

        Current packages available:   A -- 240 minutes (4 hours)  for $480    
                                                        B -- 300 minutes  (5 hours) for $550
                                                        C -- 480 minutes (8 hours) for $720
* Current packages also come with weekly email exchanges with the coach, for up to eight weeks. 
    If you pay for an hour of coaching and you are not satisfied with the services you received, I will gladly refund your payment amount. I am that certain you will like what you get with coaching!

Need more information about cost or payment? Call me at 308-381-0608
 or email

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